Moon Robots P2E GameFi

Moon Robots aims at becoming an NFT DeFi-powered Strategy/RPG P2E game on Harmony blockchain. The chosen network is fast, safe and efficient, which will enable smooth and trustless experience. event

The Mint Countdown

Public sale starts in:

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Robot Egg

Genesis Robots will hatch from the Eggs. Collect $OIL during their journey and upgrade them!

Farm Items

Send Robots on Quest and get precious Rewards. Create more powerful Сomponents!

Moon Lands

Earn $OIL as passive income. Upgrade your Moon Land with collected items to increase its yield power.

Moon Robots

Breed your Genesis Robots to discover unique property combinations. Earn $OIL and other Rewards!

Phase one
The Liftoff
  • Whitepaper published
  • Building community
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Testnet launch
  • Harmony grant
Phase two
To The Moon
  • Genesis Robo Egg sale
  • Robo Egg rewards programme
  • Robo Egg upgrading game
  • Listing on major NFT marketplaces
  • Moon Land Deed Sale
Phase three
Moon Landing
  • Moon Landing Event
  • Egg hatching and Robot Hero reveal
  • Moon Land Claiming
  • Liquidity Mining programme starts
Phase four
New Home
  • Land upgrades
  • Harvesting Quests
  • Scavenging Quests
  • Crafting
  • $GOLD
Phase five
  • Breeding Quests
  • Egg Incubator
  • Stake-to-Play $OIL to $ENERGY mechanic
  • Sustained economy for $OIL
  • LP staking Phase 2
Phase six
  • Dimensional Gate
  • Many Worlds cross-chain gameplay
  • NFT brigdes